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YouTube is overhauling its hunt results with changes to the ocular presumption of SERPs arsenic good arsenic the types of contented returned.

The updates to YouTube hunt see 3 important changes:

  • Improved ocular presentation
  • Automatic translations
  • Integration of Google hunt results

Here’s much astir each of these updates.

Making Search Results More Visual

YouTube is making it easier for users to spot what a video is astir earlier clicking connected it.


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The hunt results pages are present much visual. Instead of a static thumbnail, users tin spot a preview of each video erstwhile they scroll implicit it.

Users tin present marque much informed decisions astir the contented they watch. This is already imaginable connected desktop and present the diagnostic is coming to mobile.

In addition, YouTube hunt results pages volition show video chapters erstwhile available.

YouTube Overhauls Search Results

These time-stamped images item the antithetic topics covered successful videos and fto you leap straight to the conception astir applicable to your search.


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“Let’s accidental you’re looking for a bully sourdough look and privation to enactment connected your kneading technique. With these caller hunt results, you tin spot each the steps successful the video, from feeding the starter to pulling the breadstuff retired of the oven – and skip close to the section connected kneading.”

This diagnostic is disposable erstwhile YouTube videos are returned successful Google’s hunt results, truthful it makes consciousness for YouTube itself to adhd this feature.

Automatic Translations

YouTube is making much contented disposable to much radical with the instauration of automatically translated captions, titles, and descriptions.

This makes it imaginable for users to bask a greater assortment of videos careless of the connection they’re in.

YouTube volition not instrumentality translated contented for each queries, however. This contented volition lone aboveground nether definite conditions.

When YouTube is not capable to instrumentality applicable contented for a user’s hunt successful their ain language, it volition instrumentality translated content.

“This means that idiosyncratic successful Thailand tin larn astir quantum physics from a prof astatine MIT oregon viewers successful Brazil tin research the Grand Canyon from home, with captions successful their section language.”

YouTube volition archetypal commencement supplementing hunt results with English videos, with plans to grow to much languages successful the future.

Eventually, YouTube hopes each its contented volition beryllium accessible done automatic translations.


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Google Search Results successful YouTube

Google hunt results are getting integrated into YouTube. But lone connected a constricted basis, for now.

YouTube is experimenting with returning hunt results from Google erstwhile there’s not capable video contented disposable to fulfill a query.

“We besides admit that not each searches whitethorn person capable high-quality oregon applicable video contented to afloat code what you’re looking for. To amended aboveground accusation you need, we’ve precocious started experimenting with a caller diagnostic to complement hunt results with website links and different formats from Google Search.”

This diagnostic is presently disposable connected mobile devices successful India and Indonesia. YouTube volition see further enlargement based connected idiosyncratic feedback.


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The improvement of Google hunt results connected YouTube is worthy paying attraction to, arsenic it would beryllium a boon to publishers if their contented could get recovered connected some sites.

Source: YouTube Official Blog

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