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YouTube is bringing much analytics reports to mobile that were antecedently lone disposable connected desktop, which includes information astir postulation sources and revenue.

Creators tin present enactment informed astir their net portion they’re connected the go, and spot however viewers are uncovering their videos.

Speaking of revenue, YouTube is giving creators a caller mode to plead their lawsuit if they consciousness they were incorrectly removed from the YouTube Partner Program.

Here’s much astir the announcements from YouTube’s play quality update.

More YouTube Analytics Reports connected Mobile

YouTube is successful the process of bringing much desktop features to mobile.


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As portion of this initiative, creators are getting entree to 2 caller reports nether the gross tab successful the Studio Mobile app.

Monthly Revenue Report

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This study shows estimated gross for the existent month, on with humanities information truthful you tin comparison period implicit period performance.


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Transaction Revenue Report

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This study shows wherever your earning came from which includes transmission memberships, Super Chats, Super Stickers, and different things that are paid for by viewers.

Traffic Sources Performance Report

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Previously disposable lone successful the video overview conception of YouTube Studio connected desktop, creators volition present person entree to the postulation sources study connected mobile.


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This paper is going to amusement you 2 circumstantial things:

  • A summary of your postulation sources performance
  • Whether immoderate of those postulation sources are higher, lower, oregon emblematic compared to erstwhile videos.

Traffic sources are constricted to antithetic areas of YouTube, specified arsenic notifications, subscribers feed, recommendations, and transmission pages.

Tap connected the paper to find retired if your show this period is higher, lower, oregon emblematic compared to erstwhile months.

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Note that this study does not amusement the sources of outer traffic


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YouTube is hoping to rotation retired the postulation sources and gross reports implicit the adjacent mates of days.

Appeals Via Video

In different update for creators successful the YouTube Partner Program — if you get banned from the programme you tin present taxable an entreaty via video.

Creators successful the YouTube Partner Program are eligible to gain advertisement gross from their videos. So it tin beryllium a important stroke to a creator’s livelihood if they get removed from the program.

YouTube regularly reviews each monetized channels to guarantee they’re pursuing the company’s policies. This process involves a squad of quality reviewers and sometimes they marque mistakes.


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It tin hap that reviewers incorrectly suspend oregon cull channels from the YouTube spouse program.

Now, erstwhile a creator believe’s YouTube’s reviewers made a mistake, they tin grounds a video explaining wherefore their transmission doesn’t interruption monetization policies.

They’ll person a alteration to explicate what their transmission is astir and the kinds of contented they produce.

Then YouTube’s argumentation squad volition reappraisal the video, and the transmission arsenic a whole, with that added discourse successful mind.

If a genuine mistake was made, YouTube volition crook monetization backmost connected for the channel.

YouTube is expanding this beta to let creators to taxable videos successful their ain autochthonal language, with English subtitles if that autochthonal connection isn’t supported.


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YouTube hopes to grow this beta adjacent much successful the adjacent future.

Source: YouTube Creator Insider

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