Trump's Pentagon Chief Ruled Out Ramping Up Troops at US-Mexico Border

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Top nationalist information aides to erstwhile President Trump besides talked him retired of launching subject raids against cause cartels wrong Mexico.

Former President Donald J. Trump astatine  the borderline  partition  earlier  helium  near  office.
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Oct. 19, 2021Updated 5:39 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s defence caput thought the thought was outrageous.

In the outpouring of 2020, Mark T. Esper, the defence secretary, was alarmed to larn of an thought nether treatment astatine a apical subject bid and astatine the Department of Homeland Security to nonstop arsenic galore arsenic 250,000 troops — much than fractional the progressive U.S. Army, and a sixth of each American forces — to the confederate borderline successful what would person been the largest usage of the subject wrong the United States since the Civil War.

With the coronavirus pandemic raging, Stephen Miller, the designer of Mr. Trump’s migration agenda, had urged the Homeland Security Department to make a program for the fig of troops that would beryllium needed to seal the full 2,000-mile borderline with Mexico. It is not wide whether it was officials successful homeland information oregon the Pentagon who concluded that a 4th of a cardinal troops would beryllium required.

The conception was relayed to officials astatine the Defense Department’s Northern Command, which is liable for each subject operations successful the United States and connected its borders, according to respective erstwhile elder medication officials. Officials said the thought was ne'er presented formally to Mr. Trump for approval, but it was discussed successful meetings astatine the White House arsenic they debated different options for closing the borderline to amerciable immigration.

Mr. Esper declined to comment. But radical acquainted with his conversations, who declined to talk astir them connected the record, said helium was enraged by Mr. Miller’s plan. In addition, homeland information officials had bypassed his bureau by taking the thought straight to subject officials astatine Northern Command. Mr. Esper besides believed that deploying truthful galore troops to the borderline would undermine American subject readiness astir the world, officials said.

After a little but contentious confrontation with Mr. Miller successful the Oval Office, Mr. Esper ended information of the thought astatine the Pentagon.

Mr. Trump’s obsession with the confederate borderline was already good known by that time. He had demanded a partition with flesh-piercing spikes, repeatedly mused astir a moat filled with alligators, and asked astir shooting migrants successful the limb arsenic they crossed the border. His aides considered a heat-ray that would marque migrants’ tegument consciousness hot.

Around the aforesaid clip that officials considered the immense deployment to the American broadside of the borderline with Mexico, Mr. Trump besides pressed his apical aides to nonstop forces into Mexico itself to hunt cause cartels, overmuch similar American commandos person tracked and killed terrorists successful Afghanistan oregon Pakistan, the officials said.


Credit...Doug Mills/The New York Times

Mr. Trump hesitated lone aft aides suggested that to astir of the world, subject raids wrong Mexico could look similar the United States was committing an enactment of warfare against 1 of its closest allies, which is besides its biggest trading partner, the officials said.

In the end, alternatively than a immense deployment of the subject to the border, the Trump medication utilized an obscure nationalist wellness regularisation — which remains successful effect to this time — to contradict asylum and efficaciously unopen down introduction into the United States from Mexico during the pandemic. But taken together, the ideas nether treatment that outpouring underscore the Trump administration’s presumption of the equipped forces arsenic a instrumentality of the presidency that could beryllium wielded connected behalf of Mr. Trump’s home governmental docket successful an predetermination year. And it further reveals the breach betwixt Mr. Trump and his apical subject officials, who worked down the scenes to forestall what they viewed arsenic the president’s unsafe instincts.

Several aides to the erstwhile president did not respond to a petition for remark connected this story.

In “Peril,” a precocious published publication by the Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Gen. Mark A. Milley, the president of the Joint Chiefs of Staff nether Mr. Trump, was characterized arsenic saying helium was acrophobic the president could spell rogue and had mentally declined.

Now, caller reporting reveals General Milley’s vexation that the White House — mostly done Mr. Miller and his allies astatine the Homeland Security Department — tried to unit the Pentagon enactment to deploy much troops to the southwest border. A spokesperson for General Milley said the wide declined to comment.

Mr. Esper declined to remark connected his relation successful squelching Mr. Trump’s plans. But he, too, is getting acceptable to people different successful a agelong database of books astir and from wrong the Trump White House, describing his clashes with Mr. Trump.


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Mr. Trump’s subject commanders person said publically that they repeatedly deflected the president’s calls to nonstop much troops to the borderline for years, telling him that the equipped forces were stretched bladed and that the ineligible arguments for utilizing subject units were flimsy.

The apical brass were frightened by what they saw arsenic the president’s signifier of misusing the military. Just days earlier the 2018 legislature elections, Mr. Trump sent 5,200 troops to the borderline with Mexico, angering subject officials, who believed the forces were being utilized arsenic governmental props. And successful June 2020, constabulary officers and National Guard troops utilized teardrop state and rubber bullets to wide Lafayette Square of protesters soon earlier Mr. Trump walked implicit from the White House for a photograph op. General Milley, who accompanied him, later apologized.

Then came the archetypal surges of decease and illness successful the opening months of the coronavirus pandemic.

As a candidate, agelong earlier the microorganism arrived successful the country, Mr. Trump had asserted falsely that “tremendous infectious illness is pouring crossed the border.” On March 23, 2020, conscionable a week aft addressing the federation from the Oval Office astir the virus, Mr. Trump sent a tweet successful each superior letters: “THIS IS WHY WE NEED BORDERS!”

As the medication debated ways to unafraid the confederate borderline against the virus, Mr. Miller urged apical officials astatine the Department of Homeland Security to travel up with the existent fig of troops it would instrumentality to unopen the full borderline down. He had grown frustrated successful the past by requests from the bureau for conscionable a fewer 1000 troops astatine a time.

“What’s the fig you would truly need?” helium prodded officials, according to radical acquainted with his conversations.

Chad Wolf, who served arsenic acting caput of homeland information astatine the time, said that astatine the commencement of the pandemic, officials successful the section were moving a fig of “worst-case scenarios,” specified arsenic what they would request if they had to seal the borderline completely.

But helium said helium does not judge a ceremonial entreaty was ever made to the Defense Department for that purpose, and helium said discussions astir sending 250,000 troops — oregon thing similar that magnitude — to the borderline ne'er made it to his level.


Credit...Anna Moneymaker for The New York Times

By the clip Mr. Esper confronted Mr. Miller implicit the usage of troops, the medication was already moving toward applying the seldom utilized ineligible authorization known arsenic Title 42, which gives the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the quality to crook backmost immigrants during a wellness emergency. Mr. Miller, who had prevailed successful erstwhile clashes with subject officials implicit unit deployments to the border, did not property the issue, according to a idiosyncratic acquainted with his thinking.

Mr. Miller declined to remark connected the thought to deploy troops to the border, but said usage of the nationalist wellness regularisation was captious to keeping migrants from entering the country.

“With economies and wellness attraction systems faltering crossed the planet, our southwest borderline would person go the epicenter of illicit Covid fueled migration — 1 giant, never-ending superspreader event,” helium said. “Instead, the borderline was successfully sealed and the would-be violators and spreaders got the connection and stayed home.”

If Mr. Trump had gone done with the unit deployment, it would person represented a unit 2 and a fractional times the size of the 100,000 American troops successful Afghanistan astatine the tallness of the 20-year warfare successful that country. It would person besides dwarfed the American beingness successful Iraq during the warfare there: The maximum fig of troops successful Iraq astatine immoderate clip was astir 170,000.

It is unclear however the Defense Department could person managed specified a deployment. The U.S. Army has astir 481,000 active-duty soldiers, but galore are already deployed astir the world, arsenic are thousands of Marines, airmen and different troops. Sending 250,000 troops to the borderline — overmuch of which crosses difficult, undeveloped lands — would besides person required an tremendous logistical effort to location and provender the troops.


Credit...Gabriella Angotti-Jones for The New York Times

In November 2019, 9 American members of a Mormon household from the United States — 3 women and six children — were killed by cause cartels successful Mexico arsenic they traveled done the Sierra Madre mountains. Mr. Trump and his allies seized connected it arsenic grounds of the request to unopen down the border, a connection echoed by anchors connected Fox News and successful different blimpish outlets.

“This is the clip for Mexico, with the assistance of the United States, to wage WAR connected the cause cartels and hitch them disconnected the look of the Earth. We simply await a telephone from your large caller president!” Mr. Trump wrote connected Twitter soon aft the attack.

But wrong the White House, Mr. Trump was adjacent much explicit astir the usage of force, according to erstwhile officials who participated successful discussions with the president astir the issue.

Mr. Trump repeatedly asked astir sending troops into Mexico, forcing apical nationalist information aides to propulsion backmost against the idea, pointing retired that to astir of the world, it would look similar an American invasion.

In fact, it would: the United States and Mexico person historically worked unneurotic to combat the cartels, usually done associated constabulary and FBI operations astatine the invitation of the Mexican government. But contempt his tweet promising to hold for practice with Mexican authorities, determination were concerns wrong the White House that Mr. Trump was suggesting thing antithetic — the unilateral usage of subject unit to spell aft the cartels without needfully getting the support of the Mexican government.

Mexico’s president astatine the time, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, explicitly rejected Mr. Trump’s tweeted connection to “wage war” connected the cartels.

“We admit and convey precise overmuch President Trump and immoderate overseas authorities that wants to help, but successful these cases we person to enactment with independence,” helium said.

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