Trump Has Built War Chest of More Than $100 Million

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Politics|Trump Raised $56 Million Online successful First Half of 2021

The erstwhile president raised acold much wealth online than immoderate different Republican, national records show, and much than each of the 3 main fund-raising arms of the Republican Party itself.

Former President Donald J. Trump spoke astatine  a rally successful  June successful  Ohio, his archetypal  ample  nationalist   gathering since the Capitol riot connected  Jan. 6.
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Shane GoldmacherRachel Shorey

July 31, 2021Updated 11:38 a.m. ET

Despite departing from bureau and being barred from the starring societal media platforms, erstwhile President Donald J. Trump was the Republican Party’s astir ascendant fund-raiser successful the aboriginal months of 2021, arsenic committees affiliated with him collected much than $56 cardinal online, according to run filings made precocious Friday.

Mr. Trump raised acold much wealth than immoderate different Republican via WinRed, the party’s main processing tract for online donations, national records show, and much than each of the 3 main fund-raising arms of the Republican Party itself.

The adjacent strongest online fund-raiser among Republican politicians was Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, who delivered the G.O.P. response to President Biden’s archetypal code to Congress successful the spring. Mr. Scott raised $7.8 cardinal online.

All told, Mr. Trump collected $34.3 cardinal done a shared relationship with the Republican National Committee, which is known arsenic the Trump Make America Great Again Committee; Mr. Trump’s governmental enactment committee is acceptable to person 75 percent of what went into the shared account, and the enactment received 25 percent.

In addition, Mr. Trump raised much than $21 cardinal straight into 2 caller governmental enactment committees that helium controls.

The caller online fund-raising information comes from the national filings of WinRed. The afloat national reports for Mr. Trump’s accounts successful the archetypal six months of 2021 are owed connected Saturday.

Mr. Trump raised by acold the astir online wealth among immoderate Republican, adjacent though helium had paused overmuch of his online solicitations starting connected Jan. 6, the time of the Capitol insurrection, done the extremity of February.

Mr. Trump made his archetypal post-presidential speech, astatine the Conservative Political Action Conference, successful precocious February and urged supporters to springiness to him alternatively of immoderate different G.O.P. entity, positioning himself arsenic a imaginable rival to the existing Republican Party apparatus.

“There’s lone 1 mode to lend to our efforts to elite ‘America First’ Republican conservatives and, successful turn, to marque America large again,” Mr. Trump said connected Feb. 28. “And that’s done Save America, PAC, and”

Mr. Trump scored a bonanza of donations: astir $3.5 cardinal crossed his assorted PACs.

It was besides WinRed’s azygous biggest time of 2021, records show.

Mr. Trump’s nationalist events and pronouncements look intimately intertwined with his fund-raising. For instance, Mr. Trump’s short-lived motorboat of what amounted to a blog leafage to stock his thoughts and opinions connected governmental developments, called “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” was wide ridiculed successful aboriginal May arsenic a mediocre substitute for a societal media platform. The leafage was soon scrapped.

But the tract inactive appears to person generated existent currency for the Trump operation.

His Save America committee had raised an mean of $108,000 successful the 5 days starring up to the motorboat of the “desk” page; the PAC raised astir $421,000 per time connected mean successful the 5 days after, including much than $900,000 connected 1 day.

Much of the wealth raised by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee came done Mr. Trump’s recurring donation program, which guided countless supporters into unwittingly making repetition donations done the usage of prechecked boxes.

A New York Times investigation this twelvemonth showed however the programme spurred a question of fraud complaints and demands for refunds, which continued into 2021.

Mr. Trump’s fund-raising slowed implicit the people of the archetypal six months of the year. In January, the period of the Capitol riot and his consequent impeachment successful the waning days of his presidency, Mr. Trump raised $13.8 cardinal that went into the Trump Make America Great Again Committee.

By June, that sum had shrunk, though it was inactive a robust $2.6 million, astir wholly done recurring donations. As of July, enactment officials had stopped the withdrawals, according to a idiosyncratic acquainted with the substance who spoke connected the information of anonymity to sermon the party’s interior fiscal dealings.

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