Tom Holland and Zendaya joke about doing 'Spider-Man' stunts with their height difference

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(CNN)Tom Holland whitethorn play a big-time superhero, but it seems his co-star Zendaya is doing each the dense lifting.

During an quality connected "The Graham Norton Show" this week, the 2 "Spider-Man: No Way Home" actors told a communicative astir having to accommodate for their tallness quality erstwhile doing stunts, specifically for a country wherever Spider-Man, played by Holland, is expected to clasp MJ (Zendaya) and plaything them onto a bridge. Spider-Man was expected to mildly remainder MJ connected the span and past locomotion away, Zendaya explained connected the show.

For the uninitiated, Zendaya is simply a fewer inches taller than Holland. And arsenic a result, things went a small otherwise than planned.

    "Because of our tallness difference, if we're connected the aforesaid constituent -- we were attached -- I would onshore earlier him. My feet evidently deed the crushed earlier helium does," she said.

      Holland jumped in: "And I'm the superhero. I'm expected to look cool," helium said, arsenic Zendaya laughed. "And she would land... and my feet would plaything from underneath maine and past she would drawback me."

      The extremity result, arsenic the 2 graciously demonstrated connected the show, has Zendaya looking much similar the superhero than Holland, holding his limb up portion the 2 land.

        "You were really precise beauteous astir it," Zendaya noted, speaking of Holland. "You would beryllium similar 'Oh my gosh, convey you.'"

        Fun stunts aside, "Spider-Man: No Way Home," which hits theaters December 17, has already been a hit. Tickets for the movie overloaded websites connected Monday, with fans complaining that ticketing sites similar AMC were backed up. As much movies instrumentality to theaters, which person continued facing challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, hype astir specified a fashionable superhero could assistance cineplexes extremity the twelvemonth connected a precocious note.

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