The Morning After: The best of CES 2022

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Welcome to your Monday morning! CES is simply a wrap. While we planned to nonstop a tiny squad of Engadget unit to Las Vegas to screen the amusement successful person, Omicron appeared connected the horizon, and, well, our plans changed. 

Best of CES 2022


We besides decided, nether those circumstances, to bash our ain happening for our annual CES Awards. Our favorites tally the gamut from acquainted categories similar mobile, TV and wearables done to sustainability innovations, wildcards and transport tech. Did we miss anything?

— Mat Smith

Apple whitethorn unveil a caller iPhone SE this spring

Just don’t expect a extremist redesign.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman claims Apple is expected to present a third-generation iPhone SE this outpouring done a virtual presumption "likely" happening successful March oregon April. As we’ve already heard rumored before, Gurman says the caller SE would inactive cling to the iPhone 8-era plan but adhd 5G and a caller processor, bringing it person successful parity to existing iPhones. We past saw the iPhone SE successful 2020, moving connected the A13 Bionic.

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It's not the archetypal clip a Y2K-style bug has sent Honda and Acura vehicles to the past.

Since the commencement of the year, Honda’s forums person been flooded with reports of radical complaining the clocks and calendars successful their vehicles are stuck successful 2002. It’s affecting Honda and Acura models with GPS navigation systems manufactured betwixt 2004 and 2012, with reports of radical encountering the occupation successful the US, UK and Canada. What’s more, determination doesn’t look to beryllium a hole astatine the moment. Each clip idiosyncratic starts their car, the timepiece resets — adjacent if they manually acceptable it beforehand.

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IKEA and Sonos refresh their Symfonisk bookshelf speakers

Faster processors, updated fastener layout and longer powerfulness cables.



IKEA and Sonos person released a second-generation mentation of their Symfonisk bookshelf speaker. No Earth-shattering changes here, but the update features a faster processor and much representation and draws little powerfulness erstwhile it’s connected standby. It besides comes with a longer powerfulness cable.

However, looking astatine the caller exemplary adjacent to its first-generation counterpart, the astir disposable alteration is an updated fastener layout that brings the measurement controls adjacent to 1 another. Prices look akin to the archetypal successful the Netherlands, but we’re inactive waiting to perceive if oregon erstwhile the update volition marque it to the US.

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PayPal confirms it's exploring the motorboat of its ain cryptocurrency

It volition reportedly beryllium backed by the US dollar.

PayPal’s VP of crypto and integer currencies has confirmed to Bloomberg that the online outgo supplier is "exploring a stablecoin." Jose Fernandez da Ponte added the institution volition enactment intimately with applicable regulators if the task goes forward.

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Ford tries to combat F-150 Lightning scalpers by banning resales

The institution is utilizing a strategy sometimes reserved for supercars.



Ford is giving dealerships the enactment to prohibition customers from reselling the Lightning for up to a twelvemonth aft purchase. As the (since-pulled) papers connected the F-150 Gen 14 forums revealed, the trader could "seek injunctive relief" to artifact ownership transportation oregon adjacent request outgo for "all value" generated from the sale.

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