Starting a business: Resources to help you launch with confidence

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Ready to motorboat your caller business? Start disconnected connected the close ft with these adjuvant TechRepublic resources.


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We could walk days listing each of the things you indispensable bash earlier and aft opening a concern successful today's digitized world. This is particularly existent during the motorboat phase.

For example, you indispensable find however your squad volition collaborate and what tools you request to simplify communication. You indispensable enactment policies successful spot for everything from information incidental effect to moving meetings. You indispensable besides make a process for securing your integer accusation earlier you're "go" for launch.

And this is lone scratching the surface. If you're feeling overwhelmed, instrumentality a heavy breath. You tin bash this. But to guarantee a palmy start, you request to bash immoderate prep work. We tin help.

Here astatine TechRepublic, galore of our experts person been successful your shoes. We've compiled what we've learned into the pursuing six TechRepublic resources. Go up and thin connected them for the much tedious enactment truthful you tin support your absorption connected the eventual goal—opening your doors.

Comparison guide: Top endeavor collaboration tools

If the past 18+ months person taught america anything, it's that each businesses indispensable prioritize some distant and in-office collaboration. As you commencement your caller business, a large mode to beryllium prepared for thing is to instrumentality an endeavor collaboration tool.

 These tools see a wide scope of features, including dependable services, surface sharing, mobile apps, and third-party integrations. But earlier you take an endeavor collaboration instrumentality for your business, it's champion to comparison and opposition your options.

 In this examination guide, we dive into manufacture frontrunners specified arsenic Microsoft Teams and Slack to assistance you measure the pros and cons of each. That way, you tin marque the champion prime for your business.

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Checklist: Securing integer information

Digital accusation is the lifeblood of each business. Everything from lawsuit accusation to worker information is captious to however you tally your business, peculiarly successful the archetypal fewer years. Unfortunately, information breaches airs a superior threat, particularly arsenic exertion advances.

According to IBM, the mean outgo of a information breach successful 2021 was $4.24 million. Yes, $4.24 million. To mitigate the hazard of a breach, you indispensable find however you'll unafraid your integer accusation arsenic it's created, shared and stored.

In this TechRepublic Premium checklist, we supply an in-depth strategy you tin usage to support your captious information. We'll locomotion you done however to decently categorize information, steps to instrumentality to unafraid your data, and which information products oregon solutions to consider.

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IT email templates: Security alerts

One of the champion tips we tin springiness you for preparing to motorboat is creating email templates up of clip for sharing captious concern information. This is particularly important for your IT team, which whitethorn request to stock information alerts erstwhile clip is of the essence.

A ceremonial acceptable of templates volition assistance you present some event-based and proactive information communications to guarantee everyone connected your squad understands caller developments and captious institution policies.

In this acceptable of IT templates, you'll find illustration emails regarding ID badges and visitors, phishing emails, zip record dangers and password pointers. Plus, the emails incorporate applicable screenshots wherever required. Simply copy, paste, edit and prevention for later.

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Daily standup gathering policy

When you're successful startup mode, things tin alteration quickly. Implementing regular standup meetings is simply a large mode to support your caller squad up to day connected motorboat goals, ongoing concern activities and squad responsibilities.

However, simply scheduling a regular gathering isn't enough. Structure is required to marque the gathering productive for each who attend. This illustration regular standup gathering argumentation is simply a large spot to commencement and tin beryllium customized to acceptable the needs of your business.

It explains the regular standup gathering requirements arsenic good arsenic immoderate applicable violations and penalties.

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Electronic connection policy

Electronic connection is commonplace wrong immoderate concern and includes everything from emails to societal media posts and beyond. It's captious that you person a argumentation successful spot to guarantee that these connection resources are utilized for due purposes only.

Your physics connection argumentation should screen privacy, confidentiality and security, arsenic good arsenic compliance requirements, retention and disposal of communications and applicable devices, and guidelines for due use.

This illustration physics connection argumentation includes each of the supra and tin beryllium afloat customized to acceptable your unsocial concern needs.

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Security effect policy

As exertion continues to beforehand by the minute, truthful bash the chances of experiencing a information breach oregon cybersecurity incident. In fact, we're seeing a drastic summation successful information incidents crossed the globe.

According to ITRC's 2021 Q3 Data Breach Analysis, the fig of information events up to October of 2021 wholly surpassed the fig of events from the erstwhile year. And adjacent now, numbers proceed to inclination upward.

One of the astir captious steps you tin instrumentality to hole your caller concern for immoderate menace is to enactment a information incidental effect argumentation successful place. This illustration argumentation volition assistance you pass your process for minimizing and mitigating an IT security-related incident. As a result, your squad volition cognize precisely what to bash the 2nd a menace is discovered.

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