Spotify is still working on HiFi streaming, but won't say when it's coming

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Almost a twelvemonth ago, Spotify announced plans to rotation retired a higher tier of its streaming work with CD-quality euphony successful immoderate markets successful 2021. However, Spotify HiFi is inactive not disposable and there's nary indication arsenic to erstwhile it volition really arrive.

“We cognize that HiFi prime audio is important to you. We consciousness the same, and we’re excited to present a Spotify HiFi acquisition to Premium users successful the future. But we don’t person timing details to stock yet,” a Spotify moderator wrote connected the Community forums. “We volition of people update you present erstwhile we can.”

Engadget has contacted Spotify for much details.

Back successful 2017, Spotify tested CD-quality audio by offering immoderate users successful the US entree to lossless euphony for an other $7.50 per month. Since then, different salient euphony streaming services person embraced lossless streaming, with Apple Music joining the likes of Tidal and Deezer. French HD streaming work Qobuz arrived successful the US successful 2019.

Spotify hasn't said however overmuch HiFi volition outgo erstwhile the work rolls retired much broadly, but competitors whitethorn unit its manus into offering lossless euphony streaming astatine nary other cost. Apple Music, Amazon Music and Tidal person each rolled CD-quality audio into their modular plans implicit the past year.

Other details astir Spotify HiFi beyond pricing and availability stay unclear. However, the institution has confirmed the work volition enactment with Spotify Connect-enabled speakers.

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