How to set up Apple Music with Google Home and Nest Audio speakers

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(Pocket-lint) - There was a clip erstwhile Apple's euphony services lone worked connected Apple products. Thankfully, those days are agelong gone and Apple not lone offers Apple Music for Amazon Echo users, but for Google Home and Nest Audio instrumentality users too.

That means whether you person an aged Google Home mini, oregon 1 of the newer Nest branded options, you tin watercourse Apple Music.

Read connected to find retired however to bash it, oregon simply ticker our video usher below: 

It starts - similar everything - with an app. If you haven't got Google Home installed connected your phone, you'll request to download that. It's disposable for the iPhone connected the App Store oregon successful the Play Store for Android phones

How to acceptable up Apple Music connected your Google Home account

  • Download Google Home from the App Store/Play Store
  • Sign successful to your Google account
  • Tap the '+' fastener successful the apical corner
  • Select 'Music' underneath 'add services'
  • Choose Apple Music and motion in

Once you're successful and you've signed successful - and presuming your Google Home oregon Nest speaker is already acceptable up - unfastened up the Home app and pat the '+' motion successful the apical corner. Now you'll spot 'Music' underneath the 'Add services' header. Tap connected that. 

Now you should spot assorted services successful a database underneath the 'More euphony services' banner. 

Tap the small nexus icon adjacent to Apple Music, and pat 'Link Account' connected the adjacent popup window. At this constituent you'll request to motion successful to your Apple ID. Here you should guarantee you log successful utilizing the Apple ID that you usage for Apple Music, iTunes and App Store purchases, which whitethorn beryllium antithetic to the 1 you usage for iCloud. 

Once you're signed and chosen to let entree for Google Home, Apple Music moves up into the database of your links euphony services and you tin acceptable it arsenic the default option. It mightiness bash that automatically though, truthful that's measurement you whitethorn not request to bash yourself.  

How bash I get it to play? 

  • Say 'Hey Google, play The Smiths' (or thing little depressing)

As soon arsenic you've acceptable it up and the accounts are linked, each you request to bash is springiness a dependable bid to your Google powered astute speaker. So 'Hey Google, play my [playlist name] playlist' would find and play your Apple Music playlist, oregon you tin get it to play circumstantial albums oregon songs. Whatever floats your boat. 

It's comparatively seamless, but there's a flimsy intermission betwixt issuing the bid and the talker starting to play the euphony successful our experience. 

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Once it's playing, you tin power it manually successful the Home app. Just spell to the Google Home app's location screen, pat the media toggle and past you tin take to play, pause, skip tracks, set the measurement oregon take to person the euphony play from different Google Home oregon Chromecast audio enabled talker oregon dongle. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Editing by Britta O'Boyle.

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