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Are you getting the astir retired of your PPC campaigns?

Want to cognize what you should absorption connected successful 2022?

Jeff Ferguson, honored arsenic 1 of PPC Hero’s “Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts” for 3 years successful a row, joins Loren Baker to speech astir the biggest PPC trends that tin assistance amended your strategy.

In the coming year, businesses volition nary longer beryllium capable to trust connected third-party tracking, which has go an manufacture modular implicit the years, requiring them to trust connected first-party data.

For those of you looking for guidance connected however to negociate this monolithic change, this podcast is for you.


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In 2022, things are going to beryllium precise different. It’s 1 happening wherever I truly deliberation radical are not afloat grasping however dramatically antithetic this is going to beryllium erstwhile Google pulls the plug. –Jeff Ferguson, 15:14

We’ve been telling radical already to bash immoderate they tin connected that first-party side, similar commencement yesterday. –Jeff Ferguson, 20:09

That’s truly the quality of what we do, it changes from time to day. –Loren Baker, 09:24

[00:00] – A small astir Jeff.
[11:40] – What absorbing changes happened successful PPC this twelvemonth and wherever is PPC going successful 2022.
[17:50] – What is first-party data? How bash you power from utilizing third-party information to first-party data?
[23:13] – Why are classical media readying styles returning?
[24:19] – How programmatic advertizing gets obtrusive.
[25:10] – What tin you bash alternatively of programmatic advertising?
[28:59] – An illustration of disconnected retargeting.
[32:01] – Where you tin usage your first-party information for retargeting.
[32:45] – What PPC opportunities are determination alternatively of Google, Microsoft & Facebook?
[39:53] – Does PPC truly assistance with branding?
[49:26] – Do you request to beryllium connected each platform?
[56:09] – Jeff’s room, his stand-up bass, and becoming a UCLA professor.


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PPC Trends 2022 –

The occupation is we get each these caller tools that are amusive and they’re effectual and they person a spot for them. We deliberation they’re doing the enactment but we truly person to spell backmost to old-school marketing. –Jeff Ferguson, 48:41

I’m truly trying to thatch radical not to go integer marketers but to go marketers that usage digital. –Jeff Ferguson, 63:07

I don’t deliberation that a PPC run started chickenhearted sandwich wars. I deliberation determination are radical connected societal media talking astir however agelong the enactment is, and that determination are pickles, and it conscionable exploded – and present successful Santa Clarita, determination are 3 Popeyes being built. –Loren Baker, 47:51

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Search Engine Journal columnist Jeff Ferguson has uncovered galore ineffable cows of SEO and paid media advertisement mismanagement done his legendary information research. Besides being a spouse astatine Amplitude Digital, a integer media advertizing bureau based successful Los Angeles, helium besides leads classes astatine UCLA Extension connected Advanced Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

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What is first-party data?

First-party information is thing you cod yourself. Some examples see on-site cookies, surveys, and sign-ups.

How bash you power from utilizing third-party to first-party data?

Jeff Ferguson says to conscionable look for ways that you tin physique your ain lists and stitchery your ain data. And to commencement now.

Where tin you usage your first-party information for retargeting?

Once you person your data, you tin usage that accusation connected Google Ads, Facebook and Twitter ads, LinkedIn, and anyplace other you’re creating PPC campaigns oregon content, says Jeff Ferguson.

Does PPC truly assistance with branding?

Yes. Jeff Ferguson says customers request to spot a marque astatine 3-5 touchpoints earlier they really commencement to convert. These things reenforce your marque and marque your different selling activities much successful.

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