Got an older Amazon Kindle 3G? Here's why you might need to upgrade

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(Pocket-lint) - If you've got an older 3G-enabled Amazon Kindle, it mightiness beryllium clip to bid a replacement. That's due to the fact that immoderate aboriginal Kindles couldn't link to Wi-Fi and truthful volition soon commencement to suffer their 3G capableness arsenic those networks are turned off, starting from December successful the US according to Amazon.

Amazon is wide though that already downloaded contented volition stay available, portion if you truly wanted to get contented onto 1 of those earlier devices successful aboriginal you could via the micro USB cable.


The contented affects the archetypal Kindle (1st and 2nd Generation) and Kindle DX (2nd Generation). If you've got a 3G susceptible instrumentality different than those you'll inactive beryllium capable to link it up via Wi-Fi, but the cellular broadside of things volition nary longer function. And that applies to immoderate much costly models specified arsenic the earlier 2016 mentation of the Kindle Oasis which volition efficaciously beryllium Wi-Fi lone successful the adjacent future.

Amazon is offering affected customers a discount connected a caller procreation Kindle arsenic a sweetener and you tin commercialized successful immoderate Kindle instrumentality arsenic portion of a caller purchase. 

3G networks volition beryllium turned disconnected successful the US and UK implicit the adjacent mates of years arsenic 4G and 5G sum becomes much widespread. The spectrum occupied by 3G networks volition beryllium utilized for newer networks. 

All the US networks are readying connected switching disconnected 3G during 2022, portion the lone day we person for the UK is 2023 for EE/BT. Vodafone said backmost successful 2019 it would bash it wrong 2-3 years, but nary timescale has appeared since. 

Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published connected 30 July 2021.

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