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“Which of my Shopify customers are astir valuable?”

If you’ve ever taken vantage of an email signup coupon lone to ne'er store from that online store again, you tin recognize the value of that question.

Identifying your astir invaluable customers enables you to fine-tune your selling efforts to summation profitability portion reducing the outgo of woody seekers.

Your Shopify dashboard provides an overview of income and merchandise data, but beryllium wary of utilizing these insights unsocial to marque large selling decisions.

These prepackaged reports are disposable to hundreds of thousands of online store owners. Your competitors are apt basing their strategy astir the aforesaid bare-bone insights.

Basic reports volition not springiness you a competitory edge.

If you are investing successful SEO, contented marketing, and/or paid advertizing for your Shopify store, you request much robust concern quality to usher you.

You request Google Analytics.

In this guide, you’ll larn however to stitchery expert-level insights successful minutes utilizing Google Analytics 4, adjacent if you’re not an analytics expert.


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You’ll observe reports to lick these communal Shopify analytics challenges:

  1. What Shopify Marketing Efforts Are Driving the Most Sales?
  2. Which Organic Landing Pages Are Driving the Most Sales.
  3. What Organic Landing Pages Have the Greatest Potential to Increase Sales.
  4. Where Potential Are Customers Dropping Off.
  5. How to Calculate Lifetime Value (LTV) Accurately successful Shopify.
  6. Defining Who Is Most Interested successful Your Product.

1. What Shopify Marketing Efforts Are Driving the Most Sales?

For a high-level view, you tin rapidly spot what selling efforts are driving the astir income with a Google Analytics acquisition report.

This study shows however users archetypal extremity up connected your site. You’ll beryllium capable to spot however each acquisition transmission measures up erstwhile breached down by metrics similar revenue, mean bid value, and conversion rate.

With this report, you tin rapidly place what circumstantial channels to summation (or decrease) selling efforts in.

Acquisition Report successful GA4, Step-by-Step

  1. Sign successful to GA4 Account.
  2. Click Acquisition – located nether Life Cycle successful the left-hand column.
  3. Click User acquisition.
  4. Set Date Range.
  5. Set conception to First user…

GA4 Acquisition study  screenshot.Note: In measurement 5, segmentation volition beryllium connected however you’ve acceptable up your selling campaigns. For example, “First idiosyncratic medium” volition amusement the mean that archetypal brought the idiosyncratic to your store.

If you are moving Google Ads oregon manual campaigns, “First idiosyncratic campaign” volition show the selling run that archetypal acquired the user.


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2. Which Organic Landing Pages Are Bringing the Most Traffic?

The Organic Traffic Landing Page study allows you to spot which integrated landing pages are bringing the astir traffic.

With this data, you’ll beryllium capable to amended your contented selling funnel.

Organic Traffic Landing Page Report successful GA4, Step-by-Step

  1. Sign successful to GA4 Account.
  2. Click Engagement – located nether Life Cycle successful the left-hand column.
  3. Click Pages and Screens.
  4. Add comparison: Create a magnitude to see league medium: organic.
  5. Set Date Range.
  6. Change Page Title to Page way + query drawstring and surface class.
  7. Change Event Count All Events to session_start.
  8. Filter by session_start by clicking connected the Event Count header.

GA4 Organic Traffic Landing Page study  screenshot.

3. What Organic Landing Pages Have the Greatest Potential to Increase Sales?

SEO success, astatine its astir basal level, is measured by expanding integrated postulation to high-value pages by a circumstantial percent.

Often, marketers volition unfastened the All Pages study and benignant by revenue. This is an good spot to commencement – but determination is simply a amended metric for determining what integrated landing pages volition summation sales.

The buy-to-detail complaint (or Purchase-to-view rate) study shows the conversion complaint from merchandise item views to unsocial purchases.

Simply put, expanding applicable postulation to merchandise pages with a precocious purchase-to-view complaint has the top imaginable to summation sales.

Purchase-to-View Rate Report successful GA4, Step-by-Step

  1. Sign successful to GA4 Account.
  2. Click Monetization.
  3. Click Ecommerce purchases.
  4. Add comparison: Create a magnitude to see league medium: organic.
  5. Set Date Range.
  6. Table is organized by point name.
  7. Click connected the header, Purchase-to-view rate.

Purchase to presumption    complaint   study  GA4 screenshot.

4. Where Potential Customers Are Dropping Off

The conversion funnel visualization study volition assistance you recognize wherever imaginable customers are dropping off.


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Here, you’ll spot wherever users are exiting the checkout travel and what actions they’re taking instead. These insights tin beryllium utilized to amended CVR efforts.

Previously, successful Universal Analytics, we had to acceptable up a conversion funnel successful our client’s Analytics account.

Not anymore. With GA4 determination is simply a caller benignant of study successful Explore (previously Analysis Hub) that is retroactive. If you’ve acceptable up lawsuit and conversion information successful GA4, the study volition populate.

Conversion Funnel Visualization Report successful GA4, Step-by-Step

  1. Sign successful to GA4 Account.
  2. Click Explore – located successful the acold left-hand column.
  3. Select Funnel exploration – displays a illustration report.
  4. Remove Steps.
  5. Click Pencil Icon.
  6. Step 1: view_item.
  7. Step 2: add_to_cart.
  8. Step 3: purchase.

GA4 conversion funnel step-by-step screenshot.

Within Funnel Exploration successful GA4, determination are a batch of study features specified arsenic visualizing trends implicit time, seeing however agelong it takes users to implicit each step, and seeing what users who driblet retired of your funnel are doing.


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Here is what that looks like.

GA4 conversion funnel features screenshot.

I highly promote you to play astir with conception comparisons and the wide array of precocious features.

If you spot a ample drop-off successful adhd to cart oregon purchase, you whitethorn beryllium wondering, “Where are they going – oregon what are they doing instead?”

Within the funnel exploration report, you tin adhd a secondary magnitude for next action of event name. Then, erstwhile you right-click connected that measurement successful your visualization, it volition amusement the percent of events the idiosyncratic took erstwhile they dropped off.


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5. How to Calculate Lifetime Value (LTV) Accurately successful Shopify

Calculating the mean beingness worth of your users makes it casual to acceptable CPA goals and ROI goals per user.

For example, if the mean lawsuit of your Shopify store spends $1200 per twelvemonth connected their subscription and stays a lawsuit for an mean of 3 years, the full beingness worth is $3600.

You tin reasonably walk $360-720 to get a caller lawsuit due to the fact that their worth pays disconnected successful the agelong run.

The Lifetime Value Report disposable successful GA4 volition assistance you find which campaigns are performing wrong people CPA and ROI goals per user.

Lifetime Value Report successful GA4, Step-by-Step

  1. Sign successful to GA4 Account.
  2. Click Explore – acold near menu.
  3. Click Template Gallery.
  4. Select the User beingness template.

Lifetime worth  study  successful  GA4 Explore screenshot.

Defining Who Is Most Interested successful Your Product

A customized idiosyncratic travel study volition amusement you the users astir funny successful buying your merchandise and however the selling channels enactment unneurotic to usher users from that archetypal touchpoint to the decorativeness line.


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This 1 elemental study rapidly visualizes which channels are driving top-of-funnel events and however those origin into lower-funnel activities.

Earlier this month, I had the accidental to chat with Elevar founder, Brad Redding. Elevar is simply a tagging and tracking bundle that has helped hundreds of thousands of Shopify owners acceptable up their GTM.

In doing so, they person collected insights connected implicit $1 cardinal successful gross from their customers and Brad shared that, “Maybe 5% of each accounts we look astatine utilize this study and the setup is ace simple.”

To make a customized idiosyncratic travel study we volition beryllium kicking it aged schoolhouse successful Universal Analytics (GA standard.)

You volition request to person created customized metrics successful your GA spot settings and to beryllium sending those hits to GA utilizing Google Tag Manager.

Custom User Journey Report successful GA4, Step-by-Step

  1. Sign successful to GA4 Account.
  2. Click Custom Reports.
  3. Click Create New Report.
  4. Title Report: “Custom User Journey Report”
  5. Add a Report Tab.
  6. Name: Report Tab.
  7. Type: Flat Table
  8. Dimensions: Source/Medium
  9. Metrics: Sessions, Custom Metrics, Transactions, Ecommerce CVR, Buy-to-detail rate.

GA4 customized  idiosyncratic    travel  study  screenshot.Screenshot provided by Elevar

Brad shares the adept method present is to:


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“Look astatine percent-based metrics, not solely earthy lawsuit values.”

This means to see the conversion complaint of the customized metric, not the extremity completion number.

You whitethorn learn, for example, that users from Instagram/bio referral person precocious email signups and that emails person a overmuch higher % to initiate checkout.

Therefore, you whitethorn privation to put much resources into furthering processing your Instagram > email selling funnel.

Final Thoughts

Your customers permission an abundance of accusation down arsenic they navigate your site. By harnessing their integer footprint, you tin marque strategical selling decisions easily.

Using Google Analytics for Shopify whitethorn look similar a daunting task, but you don’t request an full analytics squad to bash it.

Use the reports successful this nonfiction for large insights into however buyers get connected your site, wherefore imaginable buyers are dropping disconnected and however to make a lawsuit travel that attracts your champion customers.

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