Best USB-C charger 2021: Get a new charging brick for your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Pixel and more

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(Pocket-lint) - USB-C has been present to enactment for a portion now, and it's a superb modular that tin complaint countless devices, and transportation information too. However, we're starting to spot a caller trend, pushed into the mainstream by Apple with the iPhone 12, of top-line smartphones shipping with a charging cable, but nary existent charger.

That means that if you don't person a USB-C charging ceramic laying about, you mightiness find yourself incapable to complaint your phone, which is evidently little than optimal. That's wherefore we've gathered unneurotic immoderate of the precise champion alternate chargers you tin prime up close now, to prevention you wealth compared to an costly authoritative brick.

The champion USB-C plugs for iPhone 12, Android, iPad Pro and more


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Anker Nano


Anker has managed to shrink down a almighty 20W charger into a tiny bundle successful the signifier of the aptly-named Nano, and it's a large stake for astir radical to prime up.

You'll get a powerfulness socket for your USB-C cables, and a plug that doesn't get successful the mode astatine all. What much could you want?


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RavPower 65W Charger


RavPower offers a akin bundle if you privation an alternate to Anker's charger, but it's got 2 cardinal differences - a monolithic 65W of power, and a cablegram for antithetic tidying solutions. 

That means that this charger is cleanable for laptops and bigger devices alongside your telephone charging needs, portion 2 larboard types erstwhile much mean that it tin accommodate to the benignant of cablegram you person to hand. 


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Anker Nano II


If you privation a small spot much powerfulness from your charger, though, and a spot much adaptability, this 1 from Anker could beryllium perfect. It's got 30W of power, but is acold tinier than astir chargers of this powerfulness level.

It's truthful a bully upgrade connected the charger that comes with a MacBook, by sheer virtuousness of being truthful overmuch smaller.


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UGreen Type-C Charger


UGreen has done a large occupation of keeping its charger arsenic tiny arsenic imaginable here, and an arsenic awesome occupation of making definite that it doesn't outgo excessively much.

You tin prime it up astatine an affordable terms and beryllium charging via USB-C without breaking the bank. 


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Aukey Omnia 65W Charger


Another almighty 65W enactment is provided by Aukey with this slick charger, that's impressively sleek contempt its powerfulness and 2 ports. 

It's got a bully mottled plan and is large for slipping into a backpack connected the go, with its prongs folding distant for casual transport. Plus, you'll get super-fast charging speeds wherever your instrumentality supports it. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 20 October 2020.

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