Best string trimmers 2021: Tidy up your garden with an elite weed whacker

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(Pocket-lint) - Whether you telephone it a drawstring trimmer, weed whacker oregon thing other entirely, it's indispensable to escaped your plot of overgrown areas that are sometimes hard to reach. 

Since the humble lawnmower tin lone truly grip unfastened areas of outdoor space, picking up a trusty strimmer tin assistance refine the borders on your fence, snip the turf nether decking and grip each the hard-to-reach spots.

However, weeding retired the duds connected connection is much hard than you would think, which is wherefore we've rounded up immoderate of the apical options for those looking to adhd this useful instrumentality to their arsenal. 

As with astir plot equipment, however, the terms and diagnostic acceptable varies rather importantly betwixt antithetic options. More costly picks volition often beryllium cordless models featuring a cosmopolitan artillery that tin powerfulness different tools, portion much budget-friendly trimmers are often basic, corded designs. 

Before digging into the details of each model, person an thought successful caput of however overmuch you're consenting to spend, however often you'll really usage the instrumentality and what you truly request a strimmer for. This should assistance you marque the champion determination for your garden.

Best drawstring trimmers disposable to bargain today

Black + Decker

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Black + Decker LSTE525


If you're successful hopeless request of a drawstring trimmer but crave immoderate versatility, Black + Decker's LSTE525 is an perfect pick. 

First and foremost, it tin grip weed whacking with ease. The cordless plan provides plentifulness of torque, and you adjacent person the quality to beforehand the enactment with the propulsion of a fastener (meaning you won't person to usage the aged bumping trick).

Two-speed power lets you power betwixt adding much powerfulness oregon expanding your tally time, with it besides converting to a wheeled edger erstwhile the weed munching is complete.

The multi-purposing doesn't extremity there, either, with the 20V Black + Decker Power Connect artillery included with the drawstring trimmer besides capable to acceptable into the company's wide scope of powerfulness tools and plot equipment. 


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Worx GT 3.0 WG163.8


Worx's GT 3.0 lineup tin beryllium bundled successful a fig of antithetic ways, but, successful our view, the company's cordless drawstring trimmer paired with the 20V artillery and speedy charger is the 1 to consider.

In truth, it offers a remarkably akin bundle to Black + Decker's LSTE525. You get the aforesaid quality to stock your 20V artillery crossed overmuch of the company's range, arsenic good arsenic transforming it into an edger.

Again, there's nary bumping required present to widen the spool - this tin alternatively beryllium done with the interaction of a fastener -  and the shaft of the strimmer is besides adjustable, extending retired for taller users and telescoping backmost successful for casual storage. 


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Ryobi OLT1832 18V drawstring trimmer


The Ryobi gives you each the emblematic drawstring trimmer mod-cons, making it different apical prime to consider. 

It's each astir giving you power implicit the action, with an adjustable cutting width, changeable handles and a pivoting caput for uncovering the champion angles. 

The 18V artillery doesn't travel included successful this peculiar bundle (though it is disposable to bargain separately), and erstwhile you prime 1 up to tally your strimmer it tin besides beryllium utilized to powerfulness different Ryobi tools. 

Black + Decker

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Black + Decker 18V drawstring trimmer


Black + Decker's 18V strimmer comes with each the emblematic bells and whistles, making it a large prime for those who privation immoderate versatility. 

The wire-free plan is fantabulous for those with bigger gardens, and 2 powerfulness modes assistance the idiosyncratic summation velocity and powerfulness for speedy trims and besides displacement things to a power-saving mode for extended tasks.

To assistance debar the emblematic bumping method to widen the string, this exemplary besides comes with an automatic enactment feeder. And for those who privation to decorativeness disconnected their tract edges the close way, the caput tin besides beryllium positioned to grip edges with plentifulness of torque. 

Like plentifulness of different Black + Decker strimmer models, the 18V artillery tin adjacent acceptable into different powerfulness tools and plot accessories. 


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Flymo Contour 500E


Flymo has 5 antithetic drawstring trimmers successful its existent collection, but, successful our view, the Contour 500E gives you the champion premix of features and affordability. 

Like galore different modern whipper snippers, this exemplary doubles up to assistance you tackle edges properly, with the caput besides capable to easy tilt implicit onto the broadside wheel.

Plants and trees are besides safe, acknowledgment to the dedicated guard, with the handles and telescopic shaft capable to beryllium adjusted to acceptable the user's height, too. 

It volition necessitate you to negociate a ligament portion you finesse your plot into shape, but the trade-off is simply a overmuch much competitory terms tag.

Black + Decker

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Black + Decker BESTA510


If you're little astir the multi-purpose batteries and cordless design, Black + Decker's BESTA510 is apt a overmuch amended pick.

Able to grip weed whacking duties and beryllium turned into an edger, this 14-inch wired strimmer allows you to enactment the finishing touches connected lawn, borders and angiosperm beds - albeit without the quality to premix up your speeds. 

What you tin set with the interaction of a button, though, is some the magnitude of the shaft and the string.

So, each successful all, this is simply a large prime for occasional gardeners and those connected a tiny fund that are blessed with thing a small much basic.


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Greenworks 13-inch drawstring trimmer


If you're aft thing that tin tackle your plot for longer, Greenworks' 13-inch cordless weed wacker should beryllium precocious connected your privation list. 

While astir accepted 20V batteries volition springiness you astir 15 minutes of continuous use, that whitethorn not beryllium capable for bigger gardens. So, instead, the 40V Greenworks enactment volition supply you with astir 30 minutes, with the artillery besides capable to beryllium switched into different plot tools from the brand. 

The automatic enactment cablegram adds to the ratio further, with the caput of the trimmer besides capable to pivot into antithetic positions to let for borderline trimming. 


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Terratek Cordless Strimmer


The Terratek Cordless Strimmer mixes things up from accepted designs and alternatively opts for blades implicit a string.

In this large value-for-money package, you're fixed 30 spare blades to whip astir your instrumentality and supply a 25cm cutting diameter, arsenic good arsenic a brace of 18V batteries to guarantee you ne'er tally retired of foodstuff for the job.

To springiness added control, the caput is besides capable to set to assistance with cleaning up edges, portion the telescope-style magnitude tin besides beryllium changed to acceptable the tallness of the user.  


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DeWalt Flexvolt


DeWalt's battery-powered plan is the perfect prime for those who don't privation a pesky cord getting successful the mode of their strimming. 

Unlike different cordless options, it's besides powerful, capable to chopped done pugnacious areas of the plot acknowledgment to the brushless motor, 2 antithetic speeds and the ergonomic design.

Now, granted, it is an costly pick. However, for those who volition usage it regularly, and those who privation to support their plot successful tip-top signifier each twelvemonth round, it's a feature-packed pick.


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Bosch Electric Grass Trimmer


Not everybody wants to splash retired connected a strimmer, which is wherever this Bosch enactment comes into play. 

It's not the sturdiest instrumentality you tin prime up, naturally, but it does stay lightweight and ergonomic successful use. And with a semi-automatic spool that tin beryllium enabled with the trigger, coupled with the motor, it tin besides present immoderate precise coagulated grass-cutting show for the price. 

If you privation a cordless design, a much almighty acquisition oregon velocity control, you'll person to research much costly options, but, for the basics, this is simply a apical prime to consider. 

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published connected 15 September 2020.

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