An ultra-hot gas giant exoplanet orbits its star once every 16 hours

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The 2nd hottest satellite ever recovered is being pulled into its prima faster than immoderate satellite we person seen before

Space 30 November 2021

By Jonathan O’Callaghan

A blistery  satellite  transits successful  beforehand   of its genitor  prima  successful  this creator  content   of an exoplanet system.

Artist’s content of a blistery satellite transiting successful beforehand of its genitor star

ESA/ATG medialab, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

A state elephantine exoplanet has been recovered that orbits astir its prima erstwhile each 16 hours, and it is being pulled towards its prima faster than immoderate different known world.

TOI-2109b is simply a satellite 5 times the wide of Jupiter, located astir 850 airy years from Earth. It has the shortest orbital play of immoderate state elephantine known, surpassing the erstwhile grounds of 18 hours. “It’s a caller record-holder,” says Ian Wong astatine the Massachusetts Institute of …

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