3D-printed DualSense attachment lets you play PS5 with one hand

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Some players person recovered it hard to usage the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, successful portion owed to its size and weight. Although Sony hasn't released an authoritative counterpart to Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller, immoderate folks are trying to marque it easier for others to play PS5 games.

YouTuber Akaki Kuumeri designed an adapter that allows players to usage the DualSense with 1 hand. The 3D-printed attachment snaps onto the near thumbstick. When it's placed connected a aboveground (or one's thigh), physically moving the full controller volition determination the thumbstick. The L1 and L2 buttons are replicated connected the close broadside of the controller. 

There's a second, optional attachment that offers inputs for the D-pad arsenic well. So, prevention for the Share button, players would beryllium capable to usage the full controller with 1 hand.

Because the DualSense is symmetrical, Kuumeri says the attachments tin beryllium reversed to acceptable connected the different broadside of the controller. You'd conscionable request to reflector the components earlier printing them. 

Kuumeri submitted the adapter to a contest for one-handed controller designs. You tin download the files and people attachments for idiosyncratic use.

The adapter could besides beryllium utile for gamers who don't typically person issues utilizing the DualSense with some hands. In a video, Kuumeri demonstrates the quality to play It Takes Two, a co-op-only game, solo by utilizing attachments connected 2 controllers. The attachment could besides springiness players a mode to munch connected a snack oregon bask a beverage without having to deed the intermission button.

Kuumeri's plan won't mitigate each players' accessibility issues. Some whitethorn tyre of moving the controller astir physically oregon they whitethorn not person the dexterity to entree each 4 enarthrosis buttons with 1 hand. Still, the attachment could spend galore much radical the accidental to play games similar Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Returnal — arsenic agelong arsenic they person entree to a 3D printer and are really capable to unafraid a PS5.

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