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Riders raise concern about reduced MATA service; MATA condemns ‘joyrides’

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Critics say Memphis Area Transit Authority’s reduced scheduling is causing too many people to be late for work.

MATA is running on a Sunday schedule because of the COVID-19 pandemic and only 10 people are allowed per bus to ensure social distancing.

The Memphis Bus Riders Union says a lot of folks wind up having to wait on the next bus. Latest Memphis News And as a result, they can’t get to work on time.

“With all these changes that have been happening with MATA, we’ve been trying to make sure people know that bus riders are still out here trying to get to work," said Justin Davis with the union. "We’re still out here making the city go. So we’ve really got to make sure we’re accounting for people without cars.”

A MATA spokesperson says extra buses have been added to key routes. And more buses are on standby at three transit centers, in case they’re needed.

Friday MATA posted this PSA to social media: “Joyriding isn’t cool.”

Bus rides are free right now and MATA says critical bus space is being taken up by people just riding for the fun of it.

MATA received 36 million dollars in stimulus funding last week Press Release Distribution Service.

The bus riders union would like to see some of that money pay for more routes.

MATA is asking Memphis area employers to be “flexible” with employees who take the bus to work.

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