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As a contented writer, you cognize however important SEO is to your wide success.

Good SEO writing is much than keyword placement and Google algorithms.

It’s astir penning with your assemblage successful mind, engaging them, and enticing them to convert.

People spell online looking for solutions to their problems. Valuable contented that solves those problems is the benignant of contented that SEO writers request to absorption connected these days.

At least, Google definite thinks so.

Their precise ain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide prioritizes easy-to-read, clear, caller content. One of the full sections successful this usher is each astir creating relevant, optimized content:

“Think astir the words that a idiosyncratic mightiness hunt for to find a portion of your content. Users who cognize a batch astir the taxable mightiness usage antithetic keywords successful their hunt queries than idiosyncratic who is caller to the topic.

For example, a long-time shot instrumentality mightiness hunt for “fifa”, an acronym for the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, portion a caller instrumentality mightiness usage a much wide query similar “football playoffs”.

Anticipating these differences successful hunt behaviour and accounting for them portion penning your contented (using a bully premix of keyword phrases) could nutrient affirmative results.”


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Their main nonsubjective is to marque users blessed by providing the astir applicable accusation possible.

In fact, this extremity is so important, Google says it could “likely power your website much than immoderate of the different factors discussed here.”

15 Conversion Copy Tips Every SEO Writer Needs to Know

Google judges leafage prime astatine an in-depth level. These 2 communal acronyms are recovered successful their Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines:

  • E.A.T. (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness): High-quality contented should grounds these 3 factors.
  • Y.M.Y.L. (Your Money oregon Your Life): This contented is judged with precise precocious leafage prime standing standards since it tin interaction the reader’s health, happiness, finances, oregon well-being.

You request contented that meets your users’ needs, engages them, and builds existent trust.


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15 Conversion Copy Tips for Engaging SEO Content

How tin you make amended SEO content?

Here are 15 techniques to try.

1. Know Who You’re Writing For

To constitute engaging content, you indispensable archetypal cognize who your people assemblage is and what they privation from you.

If you’re not definite who you’re penning for, make customer personas to assistance you.

These are hypothetical, perfect customers that supply a model for your content.

They alteration you to excavation deeper successful exploring your assemblage and summation a wide representation of who your prospects are.

Once you’ve identified astatine slightest 3 personas, constitute specifically to code their concerns and conscionable their needs.

Need help? Sites similar HubSpot supply free persona templates that tin assistance you research immoderate invaluable insight.

15 Conversion Copy Tips Every SEO Writer Needs to KnowA hypothetical persona I created with HubSpot’s escaped tool.

2. Consider the Customer Journey

Valuable accusation is great, but it doesn’t mean a happening if it isn’t reaching radical astatine the close time.

For contented that delivers the astir impact, your penning should align with wherever your customers are successful the income funnel.

Understanding their intent volition assistance you make and present the astir utile worldly possible.

You can’t constitute the aforesaid contented for idiosyncratic who has involvement successful your marque with nary volition to buy, and idiosyncratic who is simply a existent customer.

When you constitute for wherever your scholar is successful their lawsuit journey, you summation the worth of your contented arsenic good arsenic boost your chances for conversions.

3. Make Your Audience a Promise

You’ve identified your people audience, their needs, and the benignant of contented they’re looking for.

If you’re capable to lick their problem, it’s clip to marque a promise. Here’s a elemental three-step usher to marque an accurate, cautious promise.

  • Find the 1 happening you bash truly good that volition alleviate your prospects’ symptom and acceptable you isolated from the competition.
  • Describe this payment and marque the committedness that you tin capable this request and amended their existent situation.
  • Deliver a circumstantial connection that intelligibly states the merchandise you tin provide, the payment it volition bring, and however you’ll execute their goal.


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As agelong arsenic you tin unrecorded up to it, this committedness tin assistance boost conversions and gain loyal customers.

4. Think of Your Content Like a Construction Site

Readability is simply a immense origin successful creating contented that converts.

Writing should incorporate ideas that are forged unneurotic with coherency and clarity.

Imagine you’re a builder connected a operation site.

The instauration of your contented is the instauration of your article. Make it beardown truthful it tin enactment the adjacent furniture of construction.

As you proceed to physique toward the conclusion, each constituent should service arsenic a model that holds up the wide structure.

Further fortify the operation of your contented by:

  • Using transition phrases to assistance you determination seamlessly betwixt sections.
  • Connecting abstracted thoughts by showing however they’re related and putting them successful context.
  • Starting with the astir basal concepts and gathering up to in-depth points to assistance readers make an knowing of the subject.

5. Break Up the Monotony of Text Blocks

Another mode to amended contented readability is to abstracted contented into digestible pieces.


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Limit substance to little paragraphs often separated by enactment breaks.

White abstraction astir substance gives readers a consciousness of alleviation and is easier connected their eyes.

Guide your assemblage done your transcript and interruption up the monotony of substance boxes with:

  • Headers.
  • Subheaders.
  • Lists (numbered and bulleted).
  • Italic/bold text.

15 Conversion Copy Tips Every SEO Writer Needs to Know

Remember, you’re not penning a thesis for a grade.

You’re penning contented that radical should bask reading.

6. Understand Your Reader’s Level of Awareness

Everyone who visits your tract is coming from a antithetic level of consciousness astir their search.


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Famed copywriter Eugene Schwartz acknowledged five stages of user awareness:

  • Unaware: There’s a problem?
  • Problem aware: I cognize my problem, but what tin I bash astir it?
  • Solution aware: I cognize my problem, and I cognize the solution. Can you assistance me?
  • Product aware: I cognize what you offer, but I can’t determine if it’s close for me.
  • Most aware: I cognize what you’ve got, and I’m acceptable to buy…if the terms is right.

Decide which of these you privation to people and constitute contented that meets their circumstantial needs.

7. Put More Effort into Your Intro

One of the astir important aspects of creating contented that converts is simply a coagulated introduction.

It’s what grabs readers’ attraction and draws them successful to the remainder of your material.

Really dive heavy to marque it radiance by implementing the following:

  • Dedicate 1 enactment to your opening sentence: This way, you tin amended measure whether it’s almighty capable to compel readers to continue.
  • Self-edit with abandon: When you region unnecessary content, you streamline the accusation and present direct, concise worldly that delivers value.
  • Tell the scholar wherefore they should care: The instauration ought to archer your visitant wherefore they should proceed to work the remainder of your content.


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8. Incorporate the Latest Headline Best Practices

While SEO writers cognize that placing people keywords successful headlines tin amended visibility, that isn’t enough.

You request to make the right benignant of headline to thrust postulation and boost conversions.

Conduct regular probe to uncover stats and insights that tin assistance usher you successful creating your ain almighty headlines.

Knowing what kinds of headlines get the astir engagement from your assemblage is indispensable to tempt your readers to put successful your content.

9. Drive Results with Actionable Copy

Actionable transcript is an immediate, pointed mode to elicit a circumstantial effect from your reader.

It helps usher your spectator done the steps needed to subscribe, register, cheque out, oregon interaction your brand.

Actionable transcript gives nonstop commands utilizing enactment verbs.

It’s written successful second-person, progressive voice, contiguous tense truthful the connection talks to the reader, alternatively than about them.

10. Use “You” Language

When penning contented that talks to the reader, it’s important to incorporated tons of “you” language.


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Nobody wants to work contented that’s been written strictly for SEO purposes.

They privation to work accusation that speaks to them, delivers solutions to their problems, and connects with them connected a idiosyncratic level.

Here’s a real-world example:

  • Don’t: “In this post, I volition explicate wherefore it takes much than bully contented to summation precocious SERPs.”
  • Do: “Think it’s conscionable bully contented that volition onshore you astatine the apical of Google? Think again.”

You’ll spot I dropped the idiosyncratic pronoun “I” (readers don’t attraction what I’m going to do) and replaced it with “you” connection (readers privation to cognize what’s successful it for them).

15 Conversion Copy Tips Every SEO Writer Needs to Know

11. Dig Deep for Better Verbs and Adjectives

There’s not an facet of beingness wherever mediocrity drives success, and contented penning is nary different.


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Don’t present dull messages with non-committal verbs and adjectives that are uninspiring to read.

Give your penning immoderate pizzazz and vigor to prosecute your readers and entice them to gobble up each word.

Avoid utilizing words like:

  • Thing: That “thing” has a circumstantial name. What is it?
  • Very + adjective: There’s ever a much descriptive word. “Very hard” is difficult. “Very sad” is sorrowful. Speak to the readers’ emotions with almighty connection choices.
  • Adverb + anemic verb: Streamline your connection with stronger verbs. He didn’t “nap briefly.” He snoozed. And that’s what your readers volition bash if you don’t take amended words for your content. 😴

12. Become a Storyteller

People are bushed of pushy income pitches, but everyone loves a bully story.

Use storytelling techniques to drawback your readers’ attraction and gully them successful to your brand.

Use cliffhangers to physique interest.

Give your crippled a astonishing twist to instrumentality your readers connected an unexpected journey.

Stories are overmuch much engaging and a large mode to physique a narration with your audience.

Just retrieve to support your marque and your scholar front-of-mind.

The communicative should ne'er overshadow the intent of your contented – to conscionable readers’ needs and summation conversions.


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13. Maintain Positivity

Emotions play a large portion successful the acquisition process.

Today’s consumers are swayed little by crushed and much by feelings.

That’s wherefore it’s important for your contented to support positivity.

Feelings of joy, hope, and inspiration are almighty tools.

You tin evoke them successful your readers erstwhile your contented contains affirmative wording.

After all, who wouldn’t beryllium intrigued by a merchandise that’s “sensational” oregon “remarkable?”

Positivity builds spot and tin assistance you summation a loyal pursuing of blessed customers.

14. Write Effective CTAs

Other than the introduction, the astir important constituent of conversion transcript is an effectual call-to-action (CTA).

A beardown CTA guides, directs, and encourages readers to travel your desired people of action.

When well-executed, a CTA turns a vanilla SEO blog station into a money-maker for immoderate brand.

Don’t expect viewers to work your mind.

While it whitethorn look evident that you privation them to act, you indispensable instruct them connected what adjacent steps to take.


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Wording should beryllium direct, straightforward, and persuasive to pb to conversions.

15. End Your Content With Powerful Closing Sentences

As a runner nears the extremity of the race, they don’t travel sputtering up to the decorativeness line.

They springiness it 1 last propulsion and muster each of their remaining vigor to guarantee they transverse the enactment with velocity and purpose.

15 Conversion Copy Tips Every SEO Writer Needs to Know

The aforesaid goes for your content.


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Your closing remarks are your last accidental to animate your scholar and thrust them to instrumentality action.

Use your past 1 oregon 2 sentences to thrust location your main point.

Ask a last question oregon permission them with a memorable image.

Whatever you do, look up to the aboriginal and promote your scholar to bash the same.

SEO Goes Far Beyond Keywords and Algorithms

SEO is important for online contented success.

It helps summation visibility and grow your reach, each of which tin pb to accrued conversions.

The existent eye-opener is this: Without high-quality, user-friendly copy, SEO is nothing.

As an SEO writer, if you’ve been focusing connected the incorrect assemblage (Google), past it’s clip to rethink your strategy.

When you revisit the quality broadside of SEO and refine your copy, the conversions are definite to come.

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